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Catteries Showcase proudly promotes highly reputable cat breeders offering well-socialized and exquisitely beautiful kittens for sale throughout the USA, Canada and other countries world wide.

Our Featured Cat Breeders

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Looking for quality kittens for sale from top cat breeders? If you are thinking about adding a purebred kitten to your family, it is very important to locate the very best cattery offering your breed of choice. Choosing a responsible cat breeder from whom to buy your new pet can make a wealth of difference in the health, temperament, and sheer beauty your baby kitten will possess.

Catteries Showcase is an online service dedicated to uniting top cat breeders offering the very best purebred kittens for sale with caring cat lovers looking for a fabulous feline with which to share their home.

On our pages, you won’t find a ton of ads like you see on most cat classified services. But you also won’t find scam artists, kitten mills, pet brokers or “dabblers”. We have high standards for the catteries we promote: they must be knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy and enthusiastic, with a solid reputation and lots of references. They also must be members of either TICA or CFA, reputable, well recognized organizations promoting responsible breeding.

So if you are seeking that perfect purebred kitten for sale, our directory of reputable cat breeders awaits you.

Popular Breeds of Kittens For Sale

Scottish Fold Kittens

Scottish Fold KittenSurprise! Scottish Fold kittens now top the list for the most popular breed! These adorable, fluffy kittens have such a unique look and gentle, affectionate personality, that they have clawed their way to the top position.

Check out our directory of reputable breeders offering Scottish Fold Kittens For Sale! Click Here!

Persian Kittens For Sale

Persian kittenComing in at a solid #2 on our kitten popularity list is the Persian, a perennial favorite among cat fanciers. These gorgeous and very “purr-sonable” pussycats have been around for centuries, and today’s Persian kittens come in lots of varieties and colors.
Whether you’re looking for a teacup, doll-faced, extreme faced, chinchilla, white, bi-color, calico, shaded silver or gold Persian kitten, our reputable Persian cat breeders offer the most exquisite kittens you’ll find. Click Here!

Bengal Kittens For Sale

Bengal kittenA delightful blend of wild and tame, the Bengal cat still ranks high in the hearts of cat lovers everywhere. These inquisitive, playful, friendly and funny felines are very beautiful, with stripes, spots and rosettes ranging in colors from the popular snow Bengal to smoke to the traditional tawny colors.
Check out our list of Bengal breeders offering healthy, breathtakingly beautiful Bengal kittens for sale. Click Here!

Sphynx Kittens For Sale

Sphynx kittenBald is beautiful, and the hairless Sphynx cat is no exception to that statement! These unusual and totally glamorous kitties appear to be without hair, although they do sport a fine layer of peach fuzz, barely visible to the “naked eye”. Sphynx kittens are playful, affectionate and fun – the “purrfect” choice for cat lovers looking for a pet that is both a conversation starter – and a loving and devoted pet.
Click Here to view our directory of responsible Sphynx cat breeders offering kittens for sale.

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Ragdoll KittenLarge and loveable, the Ragdoll cat was so-named for it’s tendency to flop in it’s owner’s arms, just like a rag doll. Ragdoll kittens are gorgeous; they have soft, medium length fur that comes in many shades and “points” ranging from chocolate to lilac. There are even “solid Ragdolls” in development.
If you like your cat to be large and lovely, the Ragdoll certainly is a breed you should consider. Click Here to find Ragdoll kittens for sale from our list of reputable breeders.

Maine Coon Kittens

maine coon kittenOne of America’s rare treasures, the Maine Coon developed naturally on the northeast coast of the US, around Maine. These ruggedly beautiful cats adapted to the harsh Atlantic climate over the centuries, and, as a result, are one of the most healthy and long lived of purebred felines.
Maine Coons are a sight to behold. They have gorgeous, tufted ears and paws, a medium length, waterproof coat that comes in a range of colors, and, a gloriously long and bushy tail.

Check out our Maine Coon cat breeders directory and find the perfect kitten for sale. Click Here.

Siamese Kittens For Sale

siamese kittenSiamese cats have been enchanting feline aficionados world-wide for many centuries. These delicate creatures are extremely companionable and affectionate, with sing-song voices that sound much like a baby’s cry. If you love cats with sky-blue eyes, the Siamese will thrill you. Their soft, shiny light coat comes in a wide variety of “points” ranging from seal, to blue to chocolate.
Find a fabulous Siamese kitten for sale from our directory of reputable breeders. Click here.

Russian Blue Kittens

russian blue kittenFrom Russia to love! The Russian Blue is a gorgeous gray, green-eyed beauty. Sweet, smart and well mannered, the Russian Blue has a long, lithe body that would put most supermodels in awe. Russian Blue cats have a super plush, double coat that is grey in color but tipped in silver, giving it a lovely sheen.
Few can resist the large round green eyes of this scintillating breed, and his many charms more than seal the deal.
Our list of Russian Blue kitten breeders awaits you! Click Here!

Siberian Kittens For Sale

siberian kittenConsidered by many to be a hypoallergenic cat breed, the Siberian cat is one of the biggest and most ruggedly handsome felines around. They originated naturally in the harsh climate of Siberia in Northern Russia, and have since purred their way into the hearts and homes of cat lovers everywhere. Extremely healthy and long lived, the Siberian is a great choice for families. They have a laid-back, loving temperament and are not bothered by children or other household pets.
Check out our list of breeders offering delightful Siberian kittens for sale. Click here!

Savannah Kittens

savannah kittenIf you love all things “wild”, the Savannah cat is sure to tickle your cat fancy! A relatively new breed, this immense and exotic cat is considered to be the largest of all purebred cat breeds.
The result of a breeding program that paired the African Serval with both domestic and purebred cats, Savannahs have coats that can be black, brown spotted tabby, black silver spotted tabby or black smoke. They are playful, friendly and charming, getting along well with cat-friendly dogs, other cats and children.

Wanna take a walk on the wide side? Check out the breeders offering quality Savannah kittens for sale. Click Here!

Manx Kittens For Sale

manx kittenThis legendary tailless pussycat hails from the Isle of Man, and has for centuries been a cherished family pet and champion mouser. Sometimes called the “Cymric”, the Manx can sport one of three different tail types; bobtail, shorty, or longy. Manx are large, leggy and loveable. They tend to be very healthy and long lived, too.
If you’re thinking of adding a Manx to your family, check out our list of breeders where you can find many marvelous Manx kittens for sale. Click here!

Himalayan Kittens

himalayan kittenWhether you call them “Himmies” or Himalayan Persians, these delightful cousins of the Persian cat are over-the-top glamorous, and super affectionate kitties.
Not really from the Himalayas, the breed is actually the result of pairing two feline superheroes: the Persian and the Siamese. From the Persian side of the family, the Himalayan gets it’s super sweet, laid back personality and coat, body and facial features. The Siamese lends it’s beautiful colors, blue eyes and friendly, inquisitive nature.

Looking for the ultimate lap cat? Check out our list of Himalayan breeders. Click here!

American Curl Kittens For Sale

American Curl CatA true American treasure, the American Curl is among the most beautiful and unique of all purebred cat breeds.  Adoring, playful, gentle, polite and kid-friendly are words that only just begin to describe these fantastic felines, that come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors.
Add a little curl to your life! Check out our directory of reputable American Curl breeders today! Click here!